Saturday, May 25, 2013


The new Condominium 7" is officially out now.  Thanks to everyone who came to the release show.  You can get copies of the record direct from Sub Pop, or for those of you on the West Coast, buy it from us on tour this June.

West Coast Tour June 2013
T June 11th Olympia @ Le Voyeur w/ White Wards, Negative Press, Coprot
W June 12th Seattle @ Black Lodge w/ White Wards, Vex, and Dreamdecay
Th June 13th DAY OFF
F June 14th Vancouver @ Rainbow Connection w/ White Wards, Vacant State
S June 15th Portland @ The Know w/ Therapists, Sick Rats
Su June 16th Portland @ Punx Haus (1930 SW 13th) w/ Arctic Flowers, Freedom Club, and Raw Nerves
M June 17th Reno @ Clark Lane Maul (249 Ryland) w/ Cat Jelly, Plastic Caves
T June 18th Davis, CA @ 1604 Pole Rd w/ Gay Kiss (AZ), Ennui Trust, Fearection
W June 19th Oakland @ 1-2-3-4 Go! Records w/ Replica, TBA
Th June 20th DAY OFF
F June 21st Los Angeles @ 1725 E 7th St w/ Yadokai, White Wards, Stoic Violence
S June 22nd San Francisco @ El Rio (3158 Mission St) w/ Yadokai (last show), White Wards, Provos
Su June 23rd Salt Lake City @ Salt Haus w/ Dead Bod, Big Trub
M June 24rd Denver @ Mouth House w/ Cadaver Dog, The Nervous
T June 25th Omaha @ The West Wing w/ Pisswalker, Discourse