Friday, June 18, 2010

Despite our van dying in the middle of Pennsylvania, we survived tour and made it back home. Thanks to everyone involved. Cleveland and Indianapolis, sorry we couldn't make it there.

We have a small repress of our "Pupils" EP available directly from us. "Barricade" and "Gag" are now sold out through the labels, but should still be available at distros here and there.

Other stuff - in the works.

Monday, May 17, 2010

getting ready for tour. we got a repress of our "Pupils" EP, so we will have that available on tour, along with "Barricade" and "Gag". i'll post all the details soon.

Monday, April 19, 2010


We will be going on tour out East this June. A couple of the dates are still up in the air, so if you feel like booking a Condominium show in Boston or New Jersey, drop us a line.

June 3rd (Thursday) - Chicago
June 4th (Friday) - Toledo @ Woodchuck's Bar and Grill
June 5th (Saturday) - Pittsburgh @ Gooskie's
June 6th (Sunday) - Philadelphia @ The Ox
June 7th (Monday) - Boston (HELP)
June 8th (Tuesday) - NYC
June 9th (Wednesday) – New Brunswick (HELP)
June 10th (Thursday) – Cleveland @ Now That’s Class
June 11th (Friday) - Indianapolis
June 12th (Saturday) – Milwaukee @ the Eagle’s Nest

We just sold our last copies of the Pupils 7", but we should have a small repress available by the time we leave for tour. "Barricade" and "Gag" should still be available through Fashionable Idiots and Deer Healer.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Record, and Some Shows

Our new 7", called "Gag", is out now on Deer Healer Label. You can order it directly from the label, or else some distros should have copies shortly. We will also have the record for sale at a few shows we're playing this weekend:

Thursday March 18- Madison, WI @ the Wisco w/ the Hussy
Friday March 19- Chicago, IL @ 2123 N Milwaukee w/ Raw Nerve, Manipulation
Saturday March 20- Minneapolis, MN @ $ocial Life w/ Manipulation, Getting Even, Self Interest

$ocial Life is a venue that is too cool for the internet (hence my clever misspelling), so if you want directions, email us and we'll let you know.

We are also planning a short tour out to the East Coast this June. more details to come soon.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

coming out of hibernation

here are the shows we'll be playing toward the end of March:

March 18- Madison, WI @ the Wisco w/ the Hussy
March 19- Chicago, IL @ 2123 N Milwaukee w/ Raw Nerve, Manipulation
March 20- Minneapolis, MN w/ Manipulation, venue TBA

We're hoping our new record will be available at these shows. it is currently at the pressing plant.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shows and a Record

Some News - our newest 7", entitled "Gag", was sent out to the presses this week. It is being released by Deer Healer Label.

on Friday, March 19th we will be in Chicago playing Raw Nerve's record release show. check it out. we will also be playing somewhere in Wisconsin the day before, and back here in Minneapolis/Saint Paul the day after. Hopefully our new records will be available at these shows. More details coming soon.