Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hello Tomorrow

the young and the rich and the beautiful - they have reason, those lucky ones, to wish full records kept of their pleasures and revels, even their follies. How else are they to outwit the enemy they have in common, implacable time? Documents in the form of pictures are their means of stating, each in his own way, "Mark me. Envy me. I was this person in this time and place. And i was happy." Memories of good days fail, or are altered by needs unknown in youth, but what the camera registers and preserves unchanged becomes an earnest of immortality. For it is a fact that the camera's eye is able to stop time; long after the young and the rich and the beautiful are dust, photographs will bestow on them a posthumous existence, shining with promise.

The new Condominium - Hello Tomorrow 7" has arrived and looks great. If you want to listen to a song from the record, click HERE.

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