Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Records So Far

Here are links to download mp3s of (almost) all the Condominium records to date.  I started to get worried that crummy digital copies were floating around the internet so I figured I'd just post new mp3s made from the masters I have.  Plus I'm pretty sure Warm Home is the only record that's still remotely available anywhere, so for those who've only heard that and were interested in checking out our less good early records, here they are.

Friday, March 30, 2012


This Saturday will be the last show of our residency at Grumpy's.  We'll be playing with Hasps (, which is a new band featuring members of Gay Beast.  It will be cool.  Thanks to everyone who has been coming out to these shows and making it not weird to play in a bar.

We have a couple other shows setup for the next few months:
Saturday, April 21st. two shows:
Record Store Day show at Extreme Noise (407 West Lake St.)
It will be an early show with Daylight Robbery (from Chicago), and we'll be playing a set of all cover songs

later that night, we'll be playing with Daylight Robbery again at The House of Lard.

We'll also be playing with Royal Headache when they're here in early June.  more details to come.

After that we'll be laying low and working on new stuff.  Big Plans.

Friday, March 9, 2012

This Saturday w/ Animal Lover

Just a reminder to come check out our second Grumpy's show this Saturday.  Animal Lover will be playing with us.  It will be cool.